Is Your Fleet at Heightened Risk for a Shutdown?

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Plaintiff’s attorneys are constantly hunting for nuclear verdicts and although larger fleets can budget for the top-tier corporate lawyers, that doesn’t mean you’re protected.

Technology Can Reduce Crashes, Turnover, Insurance Costs, and Liability

Fleets need to invest in technology now because every day you don’t have a top-tier safety system in place is another day you’re at-risk for a liability disaster. But how can technology help fleets protect themselves against plaintiff’s attorneys?


Data collection devices like ELDs, cameras, HR systems, training platforms, and asset management software can pull in valuable information about your drivers, and platforms like the Idelic Safety Suite® can analyze that data to tell you which of your drivers are most at-risk of a crash. This helps you assign training to shore up your drivers’ weak spots or know which drivers need to be pulled off the road before it’s too late.


By reducing crashes, you can pursue a “retention by prevention” strategy to keep drivers on the road who otherwise would have been terminated after a preventable crash. Technology can also help you track who is at-risk of voluntary turnover and intervene before they leave your fleets.

Similarly, driver management platforms like Safety Suite help you automate communication between your managers and your drivers, keeping them in the loop and a part of your fleet’s culture.


If you don’t have full insight into your driver data, insurers will rely on common metrics like CSA scores to evaluate your fleet. But if insurers only analyze your MVR and CSA scores, they’re ignoring almost 80% of your fleet’s relevant driver data. By integrating your systems, you can prove to insurers that your fleet is safer than your CSA scores might indicate, which can help you obtain a reasonable quote.


If your fleet is ever brought to trial, you need to prove you did everything you could to prevent the crash that brought you there. If you haven’t invested in safety technology that all fleets have access to, plaintiff’s attorneys can use this against you. By purchasing safety software and taking other proactive steps to go above and beyond the bare minimum of compliance, you can more effectively argue that your fleet should not be found negligent in the wake of a crash.

The Idelic Safety Suite is the platform that can reduce your risk. Safety Suite has more third-party integrations than any other driver management platform and analyzes your driver data with AI technology, so you can truly understand your driver risk and never miss a key alert or indicator. You can also seamlessly assign training to at-risk drivers and fully manage your professional development plans and escalation process to completion every time.

When on trial for a crash, you want to be able to say you invested in the industry-leading driver management platform and acted on the insights you discovered. You want to be able to say you did everything you could.


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