How Microlearning Enhances Your Safety Messages & Builds a Better Culture

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Fleets with a strong safety culture not only experience less crashes, but they also see improved retention and insurance outcomes.

Though building a strong safety culture may seem tough, it doesn’t have to be. By leveraging the power of AI and microlearning, fleets can simplify their safety message process which is one of the critical tools to strengthen a fleet’s culture.

So How Do Safety Messages Improve Culture, Anyway?

When executives demonstrate that safety is important to them and this belief is reflected throughout the organization, drivers are more likely to believe safety is an essential part of their job—and believe it is their personal responsibility. 

Further, safety messages that are clear, simple, and short are significantly more likely to be understood and put into practice by drivers. Issuing safety messages that are clear in meaning, correct on substance, and address the specific needs of each driver can have a marked impact on a fleet’s safety culture.

How Can AI and Microlearning Work Together?

So the question is: How can a fleet identify the safety messages their drivers need to hear? And how should a fleet deliver those messages to them? This is where AI and microlearning come into play. 

In short, AI can be used to analyze a fleet’s driver data, identify at-risk drivers, and pinpoint why they’re at risk. By spotting why someone is at risk, a manager can better tailor a targeted safety message to that driver and deliver it to them at a proper, teachable moment. 

Meanwhile, “microlearning” is a form of training content, comprising three to seven minute quick-hit videos that focus on a single, succinct topic. Microlearning is a great way to share safety messages to drivers on a regular basis that isn’t too time consuming or convoluted. Tools that utilize these technologies can work together to play off each other’s strength and help fleets deliver the right messages to the right drivers at the right time.

The Partnership You Need to Simplify Your Safety

By partnering together, Idelic and Vertical Alliance strive to do just that. Idelic’s Safety Suite® uses machine learning models to analyze all fleet data, identify which drivers are most at risk of a crash, and inform managers why they’re at-risk

At the same time, INFINIT-I offers microlearning content with over 800 videos on a variety of topics, including DOT safety training, driver general knowledge, and more. Microlearning content has been shown to help fleets improve message retention among drivers, dispatchers, and every member of their organization.

With the Safety Suite-Vertical Alliance partnership, fleets can consolidate all of their data under a single platform, identify their most at-risk drivers, understand why their at-risk, and then assign microlearning content from the Vertical Alliance platform, all without ever leaving Safety Suite.

Together, Idelic and INFINIT-I are making the roads safer for all. If you’d like to see more about how your fleet can build a safety culture with machine learning and microlearning, learn more about Safety Suite here

Additionally, schedule your one-on-one with Infinit-I. In just a few minutes, you’ll discover how this integration streamlines your workload so you can work smarter. Better. Faster.

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