Do You Monitor Driver Training? If Not, You May Be At Risk

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This is Part 1 of a two-part series on driver training. You can find Part 2 on Luma’s blog.

Driver training undeniably improves on-the-road performance, especially when fleets assign at-risk drivers a plan that’s tailored to their needs. However, while assigning training is important, it’s also critical to ensure that your fleet’s training plans are completed. To unlock the full benefits of driver training, some training platforms help ensure your drivers are not only passing their training, but faithfully completing it.

Why Fleets Have to Verify Their Driver Training

While the vast majority of drivers complete their own training without help from a friend or an online guide, some people (in any industry or career) will inevitably skimp on attending lectures or occasionally seek help to pass an exam.

Unfortunately, when fleets have drivers that fail to complete their training faithfully, they’re put at significant risk in two important ways:

  1. They are at-risk for a preventable crash
  2. They face increased liability in court

If a driver gets help or doesn’t faithfully complete safety training, they’re not only at heightened risk for a crash, but their manager will be completely unaware of their risk. Similarly, if a crash occurs after a driver has skipped safety modules during training, the fleet’s liability could skyrocket. 

How Idelic and Luma Are Addressing This Risk

Your fleet needs a professional development system that ensures all drivers are assigned training when necessary and complete it on-time and honestly. Fortunately, technology offers a solution. To build the professional development program your fleet needs, you must invest in technology that:

  • Helps you assign training to the right drivers
  • Provides a quality curriculum
  • Verifies that all modules are completed
  • Schedules follow up sessions and automates engagement

Idelic and Luma have partnered to help fleets deliver the right training to the right drivers, all while verifying that it’s completed faithfully. Together, Idelic and Luma meet the four criteria for successful professional development:

  1. Assign training to the right drivers

The Idelic Safety Suite® uses artificial intelligence to identify which drivers are most at risk of a crash, discover why they’re at-risk, and enable managers to assign training that meets the drivers’ specific needs seamlessly.

  1. Provide a quality curriculum

Fleets that use Luma’s eNugget® platform have access to a wide array of curriculum, with lessons that span from CDL test prep, through post-hire orientation, to ongoing safety and wellness education. 

  1. Verifies that all modules are completed

LumaLens, the first camera-based authentication process for online driver training, uses a device’s built-in camera to capture time-stamped pictures of users while they are completing training, ensuring every training is completed faithfully.

  1. Schedule follow up sessions and automate engagement

After a driver has completed their assigned curriculum, Safety Suite enables managers to set up recurring check-ins to ensure their behaviors have improved post-training.

Using Safety Suite and Luma together, fleets unlock the ultimate training process, reducing their liability and turning at-risk drivers into award winners. If you’d like to learn more about how fleets are using Safety Suite to elevate their safety, click here

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