3 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Helping Fleets Today

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Technology in trucking is rapidly transforming every day. Each year, the number of hardware devices in trucks and the software systems that track them continue to grow. The latest revolution in fleet safety is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Fleets need to understand why carriers large and small are investing in this technology, and the benefits each department can reap, including:

 #1: Safety – Proactive Accident Prevention

Machine learning (ML) models can analyze all of a fleet’s driver data and predict which drivers are most at risk of a crash. This gives safety managers the opportunity to proactively intervene with training for the drivers who need it most. The most robust ML models can even tell managers which skills their drivers need training on, saving time, money, and lives for all involved.

#2: Operations – Reduce Turnover Through Retention by Prevention

With systems using ML, fleets are able to retain drivers with more ease than ever before. Proactive intervention for at-risk drivers can help fleets prevent an accident that would typically result in termination. Even better, ML models that predict which drivers are at risk of leaving their fleet voluntarily are under production now, with promising applications for the future.

#3:  Risk Management – Reduce & Forecast Liability

With an ML system capable of predicting a driver’s accident risk, risk management officers can make more accurate forecasts of expected liability. The ability to say, with confidence, that an identified percent of drivers will experience a crash in the next quarter is an extremely valuable report. This is also information that insurance carriers find incredibly useful and fleets can use this information to gain a fair rate at renewals.


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