10 Holiday Gifts For Your Drivers

With driver shortages and turnover at an all-time high, it’s increasingly important to ensure your drivers feel appreciated in your fleet. Beyond reasonable pay, benefits, and positive touch points, holiday gifts are an easy way to let your drivers know how much you care this season. 

Here are 10 easy gift ideas (with links) to help remind your drivers they’re your most valuable asset:

1. Heated Blanket

Whether driving through colder climates or late at night, a travel blanket can be extremely useful.

2. Portable Stove

Nothing like a hot meal after a long day of driving, unfortunately, that isn’t always an option for a driver. A portable microwave or stove is both surprisingly affordable and useful.

3. Seat Cushion

Spending hours on the road isn’t always the most comfortable situation. A seat cushion is a gift your drivers will definitely use and appreciate. 

4. Fast Food Gift Cards

While promoting healthy choices is important, a homemade kale salad with grilled chicken and quinoa isn’t always readily available for a driver. Help make the occasional guilty lunch choice a little easier with a fast food gift card.

5. Custom Company Jackets

Drivers get to represent your company in style with custom Carhartt jackets. Not only stylish but useful with a blanket lining. 

6. Driving Glasses

Just about everyone could use a new pair of sunglasses. A stylish pair of driving sunglasses are another useful gift option.

7. Wash Bag

Sometimes a truck stop sink isn’t available and usually isn’t the optimal option for washing your clothes. Your drivers can wash their clothes more sanitarily on the road with this neat gift. 

8. Work Gloves

Sometimes we all forget a driver’s hands do a lot more than drive their trucks. A spare set of work gloves can be extremely handy. 

9. Audiobooks

A good audiobook is always a nice change of pace from the radio. You can also get your drivers a subscription to a service, like Audible, so they have access to their choice of books. 

10. Toiletry Bag

A new toiletry bag is a gift that won’t go unused by your drivers. Upgrading this necessity is a great way to remind your drivers they’re appreciated. 

A small gesture during the holiday season is a fantastic way to express your gratitude to your drivers and remind them they are valued members of your team!

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